Music Lithuania Released Bacevi​č​ius' LP

On November 29, Music Lithuania released a new vinyl with piano music composed by the radical and modernistic Lithuanian composer Vytautas Bacevičius. The Japanese pianist Yusuke Ishii performed the recording at the MAMA studios in Vilnius.

"I came to know the music of Vytautas Bacevičius by chance. I was attracted not only by the fact that his music was related to the tendencies of 20th-century mysticism that interested me, but also by the uniqueness of this music both in the context of interwar Lithuania and in comparison with the trends of Lithuanian music in the Soviet era. While studying in Lithuania, I also got to know the winding path of his life (emigration, etc.) and his peculiar personality. His musical worldview, which is revealed in his letters, was close to mine. The programme of this album covers different periods of Bacevičius’ work, from the earliest to the late, so-called cosmic, music period," says Yusuke Ishii.

The record launch took place at the Piano salon "Organum". Vytautas Bacevičius' music was heard alongside Japanese composers Kishio Hirao, Toru Takemitsu and Joji Yuasa's compositions, all performed by pianist Yusuke Ishii from Tokyo. 

Vytautas Bacevičius (1905-1970) was a prominent figure in Lithuanian music, excelling as both a composer and pianist. His significance during the interwar period marked him as one of the early avant-gardists in Lithuania, actively promoting the advancement of a modernized Lithuanian identity.

The vinyl recording was manufactured at the Green Lakes Pressing.

Lithuanian Composers’ Union
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Released by Music Information Centre Lithuania
Supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

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